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36 km) of Banov to the north, south, east, or west of Banov; typically within a one to two hour.


♛ Ja-nkess May 11, 2022 @. Each use of the Punched Card will degrade the item's condition by one level until it is Ruined, where it can no longer be used. I recommend finding Area 01 and Area 02 keys.

A detailed interactive map for the latest version of DayZ showing loot spots with tiers for several maps, including Chernarus, Livonia, Banov, Chiemsee, DeerIsle, Esseker, Iztek, Melkart, Namalsk, Rostow, Pripyat, TakistanPlus, Valning, Vela and Yiprit.

Premium. We just wiped on March 20, 2023. .

Coordinate x / y; GPS X. 000 / 000.

So my usual Chernarus server was down today so I hopped on a new one to try Banov for the first time.


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428K subscribers in the dayz community. Banov contains 1 city, 35 villages, 2 water dams, 1 large airport, 1 small airport and many other interesting places and dwellings.

427K subscribers in the dayz community.
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A Punched Card is an item in DayZ Standalone that's used to unlock and access Underground Bunker in Livonia.

When a Keycard is spent it will show ERROR on the card.

dayz livonia map satellite. So in some videos i. Base raiding on Saturdays.

. I recommend finding Area 01 and Area 02 keys. iZurvive provides you with the best maps for DayZ Standalone (up to date for DayZ 1. You only need to go to Area 03 for the Nano key and punch card to spawn-----. .

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Its size is 256 km2, so it will take you all day to examine it in detail. Favorite.

A satellite map which allows a focus on the game's terrain.

interviewZ #29 - All the times I tried to talk to people in Namalsk and failed.


428K subscribers in the dayz community.