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temproad Air Filter Intake Breather Pipe Hose Compatible With For Cam Cover N47/N57 13717803842 13717810772.

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I've just installed X3 #2's new valve cover, but heard a crack when moving that hose out of the way.


. If you have hard to find vacuum leak, replace your intake manifold gaskets. $62.


. Part # URO-011569. .

11157567801 Crankcase Vent Hose Oil Separator PCV Return Pipe For BMW E60 E90 11 15 7 567 801 Black Coolant pipe engine to expansion tank A 211 501 07 25, A2115010725 for Benz 1192. .


This valve cover vent hose helps to vent the crankcase fumes on BMW's with the N51 / N52 6 cylinder engines.

class=" fc-falcon">Product Details. BW Part #: 11157553949.

Check if this fits your BMW 325i. BMW recommend (and would if required to replace at BMW garage) that the new revised breather should be bought in conjunction with the new vent pipe (OEM code for the vent is 1127809513).

Over time the gaskets harden from heat or they swell from oil contamination.

Worst case scenario you think you are gonna break it, get a new hose ready beforehand and go ahead break it. Oil Seals; Pipes / Hoses; Probes; Relays; Steering; Wheel Drive;. It seems most owners report this as the last item they replace after the injectors, and spark plugs to fix the misfires and rough idles.

There can also be cracks in the other two hoses. . BMW 3 Series E90 328i : Crankcase breather for BMW 3 Saloon (E90) 328i 3. 320dtoy; Nov 2, 2021; 3. The problem I have is a smoking engine bay, intermittently, but noticed it worse when the. See more.

Blow hard into the hole.

If replacing the the valve cover we recommend purchasing this item as well as it often will break while removing it from the valve cover. 48.

Now excessive smoking is back and in space of 3 days my oil level dropped by a 1/3rd.


Fortunately I have a new hose on the shelf.