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1 Tools required • pliers or adjustable wrench • 7/16-in. Retail: $65.


salangid 385310063 Floor Flange Seal and Mounting Kit Replacement for Select Dometic/Sealand Toilet.

you to evacuate the bowl with either a flush panel or a flush handle. Attaches easily to toilet and hoses with included fasteners. Prevent backflow and contamination from your toilet back to your fresh-water.


This is the valve that is operated by the pedal to let water into the bowl, not the ball valve that opens to drain out. Color: White. Visit the Dometic Store.

In my experience I recommend keeping a Water Valve # DOM93FR and Flush Ball Seal # DOM63FR on hand as they are the parts that tend to fail most often. com.



(26 reviews) Code: DOM95FR. Refer to manufacturer recommendations and guidelines to ensure a proper fit.

The vacuum breaker prevents water from being. Jan 5, 2022 · The Dometic 320 has a pressurized full-rim and low flush design that uses less water, whereas the Dometic 310 has a rimless 360° vortex flush pattern to rinse the bowl thoroughly.

6 Installation Note Be sure to follow recommended installation requirements in section 4.
Retail: $65.

The water supply pressure presses the plastic disc forward so that it can cover small vent holes.

Dometic's 385312110 Vacuum Breaker Kit is designed for use with the 310 and 311 Series toilets.

00 USD SKU: MJ25-1 Quantity Quantity. Our Price: $60. Specs Unit Weight 0.

Refer to. For toilets with hand sprayers. Our Price: $60. . 20 lb Brand.


95 (You save $12. .

Verify center of floor flange is at least 10 inches / 254 mm from back wall (fig.

This vacuum breaker will fit mostly all foot operated toilets that do not use a hand.


Buy DOMETIC 385312110 White Vacuum Breaker Kit for 310/311 Series Toilets online on Amazon.

Dometic™ Sealand 385316906 RV Toilet Vacuum Breaker Assembly This is a.